What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

I just released my holiday album called

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?  -NOW AVAILABLE at www.laurawolfe.net

 I was very pleased to find out that it made the cut onto a very short Editor’s Pick list at www.cdbaby.com

Rob Lester of Talkin’Broadway www.talkinbroadway.com wrote:

“Lovely-voiced Laura has a particularly warm and fuzzy sound that can be embracing in this winter chill. It’s cheering but not blithely, blandly bubbly—or sticky-sweet even when singing in ‘The Christmas Waltz’ about ‘painted candy canes.’ With an intelligence and thoughtfulness behind it, the voice never sounds just pretty and comforting, as she is certainly attentive to lyrics … I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of hearing Laura Wolfe sing. I think, like the holidays and their gifts, she’s something to treasure.”

To listen, visit https://cdbaby.com/cd/lwolfemusic3

Happy Holidays and I’ll check back again soon…



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