I know…so much for my promise of not letting so much time pass between blogs.  It’s been a BUSY 6 months since my last CD Release Party, but the good news is that now I have lots of interesting new information to share —  so we all win!  At the moment, I’m working in the L.A. premiere of  the Cole Porter musical Red, Hot, and Blue (Whitefire Theatre).  We’re 3 weeks into our 6 week run and I’m having a great time.  I’m playing a reporter, a la Rosalind Russell’s character Hildy Johnson for any of you His Girl Friday fans, as well as a southern debutante.  It’s a typical silly, frothy 1930’s musical, with a plot that’s paper thin, but with wonderful, broad characters, and saucy (read: lots of sexual innuendo) Porter music.  For anyone who enjoys factual tidbits about musicals, this was the production that put Bob Hope on the map.  It hasn’t been revived since the original Broadway production, so for all intents and purposes, it’s like a brand new show to the public.  We have a very talented cast (terrific chemistry) and find ourselves constantly cracking each other up — backstage, as well as on (sometimes I wonder if the better show isn’t happening in the wings…).  Since I’ve been working so much in clubs and recording studios lately, it felt really good to get back to my roots and into a musical again.  We play Friday and Saturday nights @ 8:00 PM and Sundays @ 3:00 PM at the Whitefire Theatre.  Hopefully, I’ve piqued your curiosity enough so that you’re dying to see it now.  Even if I haven’t, see it anyway.  In other news, I’ve taken my one-woman show “…also dances” out about town, playing at mostly private functions.  However, I am starting to book it into larger venues for the 2010 season of concerts at various performing centers (more info on that later).  I’m also researching ideas for my next album, looking at a 2010 release date.  Always a labor of love, if not pretty time consuming, this part of the process is one of my favorites: the very top where all ideas and concepts are possible.  OK, I think you’re fairly well caught up now.  I’ll check back again soon (“soon” being subject to interpretation).

P.S. My hat’s off to people who do this on a regular basis. 



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