Music and Lyrics by Laura Wolfe

Just composed my first song — music and lyrics. The inspiration came about one ordinary Tuesday evening.  After finishing a phone conversation, which turned out to be the unexpected muse, I felt compelled to put my thoughts and feelings down on paper.  It came pouring out of me–when the muse hits, it hits hard–and 35 minutes later, I had my lyrics.  I sat down at the piano the next day and came up with the music, finalizing the melody and accompaniment  in the days to come.  It debuted this past weekend to excellent reviews.  As much as I will always love interpreting the great pop standards of Gershwin, Carmichael, Berlin, etc., I found a passion in creating my own work as well and look forward to growing my repertoire.  How cool is it when you suddenly surprise yourself with a passion that even YOU didn’t know about.

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