Blame it on Midnight was a total success…

The interview with KNEW’s Bonnie Gilgallon went beautifully…lots of  easy going kibitzing (the way I like it!).  I’ll be receiving an aircheck soon and will be posting it on my site.  During the interview, I met fellow singer Fleet Easton, who was also promoting his show at “Midnight” for the following week.  Very talented gentleman who extended an invite to his weekly “cabaret brunch” which I will definitely take him up on the next time I’m in Palm Springs.  

My show that evening was great fun.  Excellent crowd, who really appreciated all of the movie musical trivia that I was throwing their way throughout the night.  My accompanist, Charlie Creasey, was top-notch.  Les Michaels, the producer of the cabaret series, throws a great party!  Gorgeous venue very reminiscent of cabaret rooms in their heyday.  Thanks for orchestrating such a successful weekend, Les.

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